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Day 11 at Napowrimo and a Tanka is required. Tankas are poems based on syllables, with a pattern of 5-7-5-7-7.

Labyrinthine, the tale
told by a twisted diva,
convoluted, dark,
past impinging on present,
baffling our heritage, so.

Polly Robinson Β© 2013


8 thoughts on “Labyrinthine

  1. Intrigue! You could do a short story with this character as an unreliable narrator…

    Why is it “tanka” always has me thinking “tank top” pullovers? I think that’s probably just me… πŸ˜‰


  2. About the tanka itself, this was an entrancing poem. I know the form, but thoughts don’t rain down in me in forms, as the words seem to float about me like being inside a snow globe. Your form is perfect – but more important to me, the thought expressed is delicious, haunting, and dark, all at once. Really strong one, Polly. Amy


    • I was going to say: wouldn’t it be nice if words rained down in form … but it really wouldn’t …

      Love your description of words seeming to ‘float about me like being inside a snow globe’ … yes, it’s like that …

      And then I mold them, gently, into the form …

      So good to see this one worked for you on so many levels, Amy πŸ™‚


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