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The Lecturer



Napowrimo Day 12 and we’re asked to, “write a poem consisting entirely of things you’d like to say, but never would …” so I’ve immediately thought about a poem I posted in 2012, repeated below:

The Lecturer

I don’t need you to lecture me
I don’t need you to hector me
I don’t need you to point out
The error of my ways.

I’m capable of thought myself
I too have learned my lessons
I detest your abject misery
Your supercilious nays.

You don’t know everything my dear
You don’t have dibs on knowledge
You cannot force your views on me
Hey, I too went to college!

You make folk feel uncomfortable
Because you don’t let go
You lecture, hector, make life hell
The one who always knows.

Polly Robinson © 2012


17 thoughts on “The Lecturer

  1. ugh…wonder what the motivation is for people like this.. i met some really good teachers on the way and have learned a lot listening to them but def. don’t like people who think that all the wisdom of the world is right under their tongue..


  2. You’ve got it, Claudia … in my experience, people like this are often not teachers …


  3. It’s hard to find people in life who can inspire them – this wasn’t one of them.


  4. I think I remember this one. It’s a good one. My sons probably say the first line in their heads everyday…


  5. I loved this on the first time around! I think there are a few people in my life that need to hear this 😉
    supercilious nays – I like that!


  6. This was great. I have had one of those in my life…I think we all have 🙂


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