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Ibble Wibble



Day 16 and Napowrimo asked us to translate a poem ~ I couldn’t enter into the spirit of this one, so have done a nonsense poem instead.

Ibble, wibble, wobble, way,
A silly poem I write today,
Ooty, scooty, mooty, moo,
If I can do it, you can too!

Polly Robinson © 2013


10 thoughts on “Ibble Wibble

  1. I love this. It made me smile, and we certainly need reason to smile today.


  2. We do ~ and I’m glad it did make you smile Misky 🙂


  3. Smiles.
    Just fun is just fine. Enjoyed.


  4. *claps loudly and chuckles*


  5. Nonsense poems are the only kind I’m able to write, and even then, it’s iffy. 😉


  6. I speak fluent Ibble-Wibble, having performed at the piano bar at the IbWib Trump Plaza Hotel in Ibwibistan. I heard they recently evacuated Americans from there, and that’s sad. My favorite song in their language was “Ib Dibba Siddle Fandibble,” or “If Daddy Makes a Decent Wage.” ha ha ha Amy


  7. Ibb-Wibb! The pibble (piano) bar at the IbWib Trump in Ibwibistan ~ hibble-wibble, you know how to live girl! They evac’d the Brits too, much grimbling about that, let me tell you. heh-heh … not often you come across one so fluent in Ibble-Wibble 😀


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