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Day 18 Napowrimo prompt challenges us to write a poem that begins and ends with the same word.

Books, they line the walls,
they’re piled on the floor,
the tomes that you and I adore,

They keep us quiet,
make us cry,
with wibbly words we so enjoy,

We read ’em,
we write ’em,
fight always to keep ’em,

Covers, they bind us,
pictures delight,
chapters keep turning deep into the night,

We laugh out loud,
at escapades,
thrill to chillers that talk of the grave,

We learn, we yearn,
see falls from grace,
life mirrored and echoed by worlds embraced in

Genres to please each tang and taste,
romance and history,
tragedy, mystery, smooth and whiskery,

Fiction and faction,
biog’s and auto’s,
text books and how-to’s with lots of photos,

The smell of the paper,
or flick of the ebook,
whichever we favour we’ll never be stuck
for a jolly good read
from books.

Polly Robinson © 2013


15 thoughts on “Books

  1. The smell of the paper – yes, indeed.


  2. I’m a voracious reader ! 🙂 A year ago, I participated in a debate. Real books vs E-books. I was for real books and well, I got second position. 😀


  3. Ya gotta love books!


  4. Ah, but kindle will not soak up your tears or the occasional spot of coffee… BOOKS win every time. My children say that I need a second house for all my books. That could never work as there would separation anxiety… 🙂

    Thanks Polly, perhaps it is time for a book poem?


    • heh-heh … all very true … and I love ‘proper’ printed books more than anything ~ the ‘win every time’ for me, too ~ the advantage of my Kindle for holidays is that I can take many books with me at a fraction of the weight 😀

      heh-heh … def time for a book poem 🙂


  5. I like the idea of mysteries being “whiskery”….


  6. spoken from the heart of a person who likes to hold the book in their hands…
    I understand very well!
    Beautiful scripted!


  7. Reblogged this on poemtherapy and commented:
    This poem made me smile. I don’t know about you, but books have gotten me through some of my darkest times. When I thought I couldn’t take one more step a book would lift me up to take many more. Enjoy this poem…


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