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Tip the Windmill



Day 19 Napowrimo

We look after our feet
to keep walking
and our skin
for comfort and care;
an observation,
in wellness defined …
think of yourself,
don’t ignore your mind.

The fragile mind,
full of vim and vigour,
deserves our attention too.

By and large
it keeps in good health,
yet a day may dawn
when almost by stealth
it no longer functions in
quite the same way.
They dole out meds,
maybe something is said, that

tilts the balance,
tips the windmill,
turns the head,

Polly Robinson 2013


28 thoughts on “Tip the Windmill

  1. A very touching poem, Polly.


  2. It’s true we must exercise our minds just as we do our bodies. Mental aerobics to hopefully ward off those memory declines.


  3. Wise words Polly


  4. I know a 90-year-old lady who is fond of saying, “I’ve got all the dots on my dice!” Pretty nice way of conveying her mind’s functionality.

    As a person with multiple mental diagnoses, I’ve found meds aren’t the only answer; one has to have counseling and well as self-care, the hardest for us. It means getting out, doing yoga, practicing mindfulness is everything I do. Not easy, but it certainly does help balance things out.

    Then again, I was hyperventilating in a paper bag by the end of the first day of Boston Marathon coverage. So turning off the TV would have been great self-care that day, huh? I loved this meditation on body and mind, Polly. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Amy


    • heh-heh re 90-year-old, ‘all the dots on my dice’, fab 🙂

      Yes, lots of different ways to ensure mental health, and to help keep our balance.

      Yet on some occasions it’s more than difficult to self-care, as in the case of that awful day, but it might have been even worse had you turned off, sometimes we have to know.

      Loving your blog, Amy, thanks for dropping by to see mine 🙂 x


  5. My great-aunt lived till 101 years young. Up to the end, she read two newspapers every morning and played games (cards and others) beating everyone who would take her on. There was always a twinkle in her bright blue eyes! 🙂

    Congratulations on publishing and another excellent poem Polly.


    • Wow! Now that’s longevity! How fab that she, like my MIL, kept herself consciously twinkling 😉

      Thanks for all your support, always lovely to see you visit and comment on my blog Lea 🙂


  6. Tips the windmill … I like this line so much. I simply want to repeat it- the sound of it….


  7. Much truth in this one Polly – whatever the age of a person, we all need to look after our mental wellbeing too. And minds are unpredictable creatures (some would suggest keeping them in buckets, no? 😉 – and oh dear, I was aiming for “serious” throughout this comment for a change…)


  8. fantastic rhythm. I completely agree about keeping the mind in our attention and care. This is the first time I’ve read a poem on this topic. you’ve said it wonderfully.


  9. So true – mmm now you’ve got me humming windmills of your mind!


  10. nice work..thanks a lot for sharing 🙂


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