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Elgar’s Hills



Day 20 and here is a poem about Edward Elgar’s inspiring hills for Napowrimo.

Around the corner
from Elgar’s house,
I see his favourite vista.
Malvern, distant:
where the skies rise
from the hills;
where he found inspiration.

Polly Robinson © 2013

English: Malvern Hills in June 2005

English: Malvern Hills in June 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


12 thoughts on “Elgar’s Hills

  1. no wonder they inspired him….this looks just beautiful


  2. congrats with keeping up with nanowrimo, Polly. This one simple but lovely. k.


  3. Lovely Polly! Perhaps you find some inspiration there as well?

    Inspiration comes from many sources but it is easy to see why these hills would do so. Cézanne painted his beloved Mont Sainte-Victoire over sixty times.


  4. Beautiful picture and poem.


  5. Stunning – both the hills and the poem 🙂


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