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Flash, Bang, Wallop


dad dancing

What a reception!
The bride glows pink, hair awry,
wilting at this end of day,
it drifts across her shining face,
she lifts a ringed hand,
brushes a strand away.

We catch a glimpse of
what’s to come,
her gesture echoes
that of mum, who’s
not here, she’s had to go,
with mother-in-law ~ a tale of woe ~
she’s taken ill.

It’s all the thrill
of organising
such a do,
the 60s music, 60s food,
cocktail sausage, pineapple, cheese,
damp ham sandwiches …
Fairy cakes and boys on
the dance floor,
young men,
twitching arses,
and girls,
fat ones, in
very, very short skirts.

Polly Robinson© 2013

lad dancing


32 thoughts on “Flash, Bang, Wallop

  1. Sounds like a wild time, but I’m wondering what fairy cakes are. I suppose it doesn’t matter. I like cake of all kinds. 🙂


  2. I suspect that only people who didn’t live through the 60s want to recreate it, and the skirts were never, ever as short as they think they were either. Wonderful poem, particularly the pineapple and cheese and cocktail sausages. 😀


  3. Good one! Some great images!


  4. Polly you made me smile just what i needed
    Thank you for making it a better day
    Not too sure about the fairy cakes
    Angel cakes makes parties ignite
    And the dancing in the moonlight
    Have a beautiful tomorrow
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗*. . *
    ║╚╣║║║║╩╣* Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall♥*´¨`*♥


  5. This was fun, Polly! I’m glad you explained about the fairy cakes…I was going to ask about that one too.


  6. Relieved to finally know what a fairy cake is! 🙂 My half-sister is ten years older and got married in the 60’s, but that was California so a bit difficult to compare. However, you did put us in front row seats. Also, the last few lines of young men twitching and the short-skirted girls is so true! 🙂


  7. I was so trying to avoid a ‘you had to be there’ scenario, so your comments are doubly welcomed 🙂

    Rather liked the (nowadays, not then) double entendre in the cakes, good to see it’s not lost 🙂


  8. and a good time was had by all–except for those who had to look at girls in short skirts who should not wear them–why doesn’t someone tell them?


  9. I saw them dancing with full of happy 🙂


    • Thank you for commenting ~ I’m glad you can see them ‘full of happy’ 🙂

      I like your blog too, though I don’t understand your language, the calligraphy is beautiful ~ Polly


  10. brilliant rhyme and imagery. so much enjoyed, Polly!


  11. Great fun – sounds like a ‘do’ to remember! 🙂


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