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Ode to Sisyphus



Sisyphus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ode to Sisyphus

Compelled to roll a huge rock up a hill.
A hill, steep and resisting.
The maddening
nature of punishment reserved,
for your hubristic belief
that you are cleverer than the gods.
Bad blood built in Hades,
you’re a fool to try to avoid death.
Now bound by Zeus to an eternity of frustration.

Polly Robinson © 2013


17 thoughts on “Ode to Sisyphus

  1. Endlessly rolling a rock up a hill is such a good metaphor for life, isn’t it? Although unlike Sisyphus, hopefully we all get a bit of a respite from time to time.


  2. I wonder if he was the one to develop a manual handling course!


  3. Fantastic, I love these poems of yours pertaining to mythology. I like ALL your poems but these are my favorites 🙂
    Thank you for your support, pal, it means a lot to me. Keep smiling and keep writing 🙂


  4. bad blood built in hades. great line! the whole thing rings with effort and the ardor of labor. so well done.


  5. an eternity of frustration…of never managing to complete something, of always seeing your work back to zero when you think you finally made it…ugh…that is so tough…better dead than this…ugh..


  6. Sisyphus is one of my favorite “life lesson” characters in mythology. With my mental illness, I can easily relate, especially with the bipolar see-saw. But the funny part? I just wrote on Sisyphus, too!! No kidding, and I see you commented. Wow. Are we channeling or what?

    I think you’re right about his arrogance. Bet he thought any day the union reps would come in with his replacement! Amy


    • They say ideas are ‘out there in the ether’ … our ethers must be channeling well just now ‘eh? And yes, I think he was a bit of a smartarse. heh-heh re union reps 🙂


  7. I actually always have had a bit of a soft spot for Sisyphus. Nice work.


  8. I liked the rhyme you compiled. For sure, the story evokes many thoughts and worth sharing how different these reflections are. Please, read my version of it below and I hope you will enjoy the animation too.



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