Writings and Witterings

Scene Through Glass II


Early morning: I stand at the top of the stairs. Peek
through glass across fields. Lime green leaves of linden
dappling morning rays. A pheasant shrieks. All is well.

Polly Robinson © 2013

Fountains Through Lime Hedge

Fountains Through Lime Hedge (Photo credit: woodstocktaylor)


11 thoughts on “Scene Through Glass II

  1. All is well indeed, I love those kind of mornings. Although the aroma of linden trees in the evening is unbeatable…


  2. I find this very appealing–nicely rendered Polly — it is as if I am there beside you looking out the window


  3. “Scene Through Glass II” brings up pleasant pictures…


  4. Beautiful, simple spare lines. All is well. Hah. We both wrote about pheasants today.


  5. It sounds like a beautiful view. Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you.


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