Writings and Witterings

Summer Solstice


She is Thalia, reads to Gaia, gestures,
rests on rock in sun on the windborne scent of
wild thyme. Her shadow caught by the clan.
Crags millions of years old age
around a smooth edged cave
carved out by man.
There was once a hawthorn tree called
‘Wishing Tree’ where the children danced
as a hermit bathed in a well to cure
his sore eyes.
A ravine, against the roots of an old
crabapple, holds a huge block of syenite,
said to be a site of rites.
All this she knows as she reads of swifts
swooping and dancing, sees eyes close
romancing and glancing at words
to celebrate the place in which they stay.
It’s midsummer – summer solstice.

Polly Stretton © 2013

by Io Osborn

Photo by Io Osborn


7 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. Fab picture – it really compliments your poem – loving the shadows in the picture and the mood of the poem 🙂


    • It’s the most extraordinary photo – Io Osborn took it while I was reading poetry during the walk – Roy Sadler, the man in the photo, is a hugely talented local poet. It was lovely to see how much he’d enjoyed my reading. The shadows are wonderful – it’s almost ethereal 🙂


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  3. Thanks for taking us along… 🙂 I do enjoy the shadows as they harbour possibilities!


  4. very nice, Polly. VERY nice.


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