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“I had been withdrawing into a retreat of numbness: it is so much safer not to feel, not to let the world touch one. But my honest self revolted at this, hated me for doing this. Sick with conflict, desctructive negative emotions, frozen into disintegration I was, refusing to articulate, to spew forth these emotions–they festered in me, growing big, distorted, like puss-bloated sores…Feeling myself fall apart, decay, rot, and the laurels wither and fall away.”
― Sylvia Plath


2 thoughts on “Write Like This …

  1. well quoted, good post. it is not surprising that even the greats suffered (often silently) with mental health issues that plague many writers and are considered too taboo to discuss responsibly. Thanks for sharing this, Polly, I hope it does not reflect your current state of mind as I would be greatly saddened to think of one of my favourite poets in such distress (but here to support you none the less). *sending hugs* kind regards, Kieran 🙂


  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Kieran, and for the hugs 🙂


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