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Lady Of The Landscape: Transient Motions By Catherine Norris


A beautiful poem from a beautiful woman, my dear friend, Catherine – and what a talent! What say you, fellow bloggers?

(All Things Must Pass)

People scratch you. Attempt to break your willow skin.
You will not scar. You’ve come too far.
You wake what is within.
The words amaze at all these days, he pulls
your petticoat. Like a child’s eyes packed
full of lies, your ‘best friend’ come to gloat.

Keep the ascent my mountain mother,
words caught from seabeds in your
You house the collective psyche of
all that might and might not be.

You form the ancient avenues of rivers
rolling through. You are the violet voice
of jay today and tomorrow’s pigeon coo.
You run the day that lies ahead with
celestial composure, the nimble nimbus
in parallel working to enclose you.

As if from nowhere, dappled star shine
spreads itself on winter’s woodland floor.
Complexity compels you, transient
patterns you adore.

Catherine Norris © 2013


8 thoughts on “Lady Of The Landscape: Transient Motions By Catherine Norris

  1. All of those wonderful images contrasting. A great way of depicting strength as multi-dimensional. Superb


  2. excellent poem, your friend Catherine is very talented 🙂


  3. Powerful! So many wonderful images – was going to quote a couple, but there are too many – I love all the references to nature, and the quiet strength in this. So comforting.


  4. Willow skin is just perfect to describe a fragile being ..great


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