Writings and Witterings

All Things Pass


I see your laugh
I hear your smile
I touch your face
I taste your kiss,
the shape of your heart

All things pass
laughs pass
kisses pass
days pass
fights pass
smiles pass
all things pass

You saw my smile
you heard my laugh
you tasted my face
you touched my kiss
the shape of my heart
is changed forever
all things pass

Polly Stretton 2013


12 thoughts on “All Things Pass

  1. That sounds sad. But ultimately wise. Good one Polly!


  2. This is so deceptively simple, but expresses such profound and universal truths.


  3. What Marina said – and it’s nicely circular.


  4. Polly, a lovely tribute to a relationship as it ripened. 🙂


  5. Some things mature like an oaked wine – others like ripe sock! 🙂


  6. beautifully written!


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