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One Day


A poem by my dear friend and talented writer, Mike Alma.

One Day (for a friend)

Old poems – special words –
Will find a new place,
Whether in harsh light
Or in closed shadow …

But they will return
Where they belong,

One day.

New poems will, for a while,
Write themselves
Without due care
Or consideration …

And some
Will hold their place,

One day.

Start and end …
Start anew
And today will become

Much sooner than you think …

And, then, will be no more
Than a yesterday …

One day.

Mike Alma © 2013


10 thoughts on “One Day

  1. It all happens sooner than we think! Just as the poem says so well. Hard to keep in mind though. k.


  2. Does Mike have a blog? I’d like to read more!


  3. Yes, please tell Mike to get on WordPress ASAP. Words like these are too beautiful to be left at home. The “sooner than you think” part resonates with me at 56… and the whole meditation on friendships is beautiful. Please pass on my encouragement, and thanks for graciously using your space to highlight another’s poetry. Sorry I have not been on much – just got done with The Big Move to theparsonage next to our church, where Lex is pastor. I get the “pastor’s study,” though, for all my work with poetry plus house accounts, and the members are careful not to come sniffing around for Lex at odd hours.

    Peace, Polly, Amy


    • Hi Amy, good to see you back – the pastor’s study sounds cool 🙂

      I shall pass your comments onto Mike, he’s not too keen on ‘online stuff’ but maybe will be encouraged by your kind words.

      Take care – Polly xx


  4. Poignant and so true 🙂


  5. Mega! I read this via my e-mail notification and loved it before I realised who actually wrote it, having met Mr Alma and heard some of his talented writing, I know the standard of his writing is very high, this is the first poem I have seen or heard from him and it is great. Thank you for sharing this, Polly. Simply wonderful (and a lovely thing for you to do).


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