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Night Sulks


In the depths of night the sky is sulky,
walkers set out for the brow of the hill.
Around British Camp and down, down Shire Ditch,
ill-willed faeries live, love, fly and thrill.
They avoid Waum’s Cave for fear of the witch
who lives alone, low, deep in the dell.

A crossroads appears, with pointing way stones,
to north, to south, direct the unwary.
No-one can vouchsafe their accuracy,
they seem not to know it pays to be chary.
The ill-willed fae move the markers so the
wenders and walkers strong boots go astray.

The witch steps on twigs and rattles old leaves
and the sky darkens more, charcoals to grey,
turns to pitch black and torch batteries grieve,
the walkers now feeling, stealing their way
over hillocks and humps, bracken and hay
in the depth of the night, at the end of the day.

A night to walk but not to talk if
you know what’s good for you.
Believe what happens to those who imagine
and believe that it can be true.

Polly Stretton Β© 2013

Along the Shire Ditch to Broad Down - geograph...

Along the Shire Ditch to Broad Down – geograph.org.uk – 1417378 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


19 thoughts on “Night Sulks

  1. Polly, so glad I am the first person to comment. This dark, malevolent tale is of the kind we used to tell around campfires… and then we couldn’t sleep! Your rhyme scheme is right on the mark – love the use of the word “chary,” as it’s one that’s falling off the etymological map. And intricately told scary tale, and marvelous to read. Just not to experience! Peace, Amy


  2. Fabulous. Much like the Devil’s Ditch just a bit from here.


  3. If we were at a campfire, there would be lots of wide eyed people with the hair standing on the back of their necks!

    The only witches around here are good as are the faeries… πŸ™‚

    Great poem Polly!


  4. Fabulous poetry. Set it to music. I’ll sing it. I’ve wept buckets over those grieving torch batteries. πŸ˜‰


  5. Such a haunting and eerie tale…


  6. Naughty faeries? Hmmm! I imagine you grinned a bit while writing this piece and had quite a bit of fun…


  7. Excelent¬! Loved this, Polly!


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