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This flash fiction is for Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields asks us to use a photo as a prompt and write a one hundred word story with a beginning, middle and end. If you fancy taking part in Friday Fictioneers, click here.


The sun has driven me from the car. I sit by an upturned gravestone, under a tree, to read your letter again.

The postman, Joe, had knocked me up in the cool of early morning. Asked if the car air-con was fixed.


Joe handed me your letter. You’d typed the envelope. You always do that. I turned the envelope over. No tiny dotted outline of a heart to seal the envelope. You always used to do that.

‘C’mon man, you look like you seen a ghost!’ Joe looked at me, frowning. ‘Could be good news.’

Cool here.

She’s gone.

[100 words]

Polly Stretton © 2013


26 thoughts on “Grave

  1. Quite nice, enjoyed!


  2. What fun! It jiggled the old grey matter. 🙂

    Perhaps I shall have to give it a try…


  3. Nicely done. I liked the transfer from ‘always do’ to ‘always used to do’. Said it all.


  4. Dear Polly,

    He picked quite a place to read such a letter. Nice one.




  5. Good story I liked well done.


  6. I did get a laugh out of “knocked me up”, which here in the State means getting someone pregnant (even though I knew what you meant.)



  7. Dear Polly,

    Loved this slice of life in the cool of the graveyard. She’s gone. Nice touch with few words.




  8. ah you did well with telling a story in just 100 words…not easy at all


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  10. ‘She’s gone’. I like that ending. I may very well be stupid, but I can’t decide what it means. A death of some kind. Good setting for the end of something. I will stay stupid if it is this entertaining! Ann


    • heh-heh … well, I guess you could take it in at least two ways … either that ‘she’ is the writer and has finished a relationship with him, or that ‘she’ is dead. When I wrote it, it was the first that I’d intended. Pretty tricky, this writing a story in a hundred words …


      • Yes, 100 word fiction is not easy. The discipline has really helped me, though. As a direct result, I wrote the first draft of a regular length short story the other week in under 8 hours. That’s a first for me.


        • Hmmm, I’ve done a few 300 word flash fiction pieces, but this was a first for me. You’re right, for sure, the discipline will help 🙂

          Well done for doing a short story in such a small space of time ~ impressed.


  11. A great story here Polly… you managed to fill a lot of tragedy an loss. Loved the detail with the heart


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