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In the Dark of the Moon


A reviewed version from the dark side for dVerse poets 2nd anniversary, where Tony Maude asked us to write to a previous prompt we missed. Sadly, I was too late to join in the dVerse fun … hey-ho! Here it is anyway:

A dark tale of the waning gibbous moon,
the one that lurks in the darkness tonight.
Brow louring, eyes glowering,
glittering red pinpricks emit from the pits;
the pity of the city wrapped in
the evanescence of the smile
it smirks
at those who lurk

They that shirk light on the earth,
in the shadow of moonshine,
that work to earn
a place in noir histoire.
They that taunt and haunt the
crooks of alleys, capes folded, who
lay in wait for those with stumbling gait,
who’ve imbibed a jar
or two …

They wait with needles,
keen sharp knives,
those who shiver and shrive themselves
to the priest
of the dark; who leave their mark,
a fusty tang, a taint of dung, blood-letters who
think of mortality only
as banality, forgetting that death
comes to all, and it’s only
a fall away.

Polly Stretton Β© 2013

20110718 Waning Gibbous Moon

20110718 Waning Gibbous Moon (Photo credit: Degilbo on flickr)


14 thoughts on “In the Dark of the Moon

  1. ok, you def set the atmosphere…might have to stay inside tonight….smiles….perticularly that last stanza…the sensory detail of smelling like dung…ugh…nice touch…ha…the bloodletting, mortality banality….very nice…


  2. Wonderfully atmospheric and dark. Such fun!


  3. oh heck, oh heck…glad i’m reading this in bright daylight and sunshine…shivers…smiles


  4. OOoooh eerie moon, not as nice as the earlier one πŸ™‚ As I listen to bats screeching in the trees tonight makes me wonder… just what is out there. Loved it Polly! πŸ™‚


  5. Warning, read this only in broad daylight! πŸ™‚ Well done Polly.


  6. I always love and appreciate poems about the moon πŸ˜€


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