Writings and Witterings



I shut and lock the back door
make a brew
take it through
shut and lock the study door
pull the blinds down
now I’m ready
to write

Polly Stretton © 2013


lock (Photo credit: donaldtownsend)


7 thoughts on “Ready

  1. That, Polly, is commitment. Well done! I find it ever so hard with the weather so beautiful. I do a bit better at a sidewalk cafe… 🙂


  2. Oh yes – locks on the doors are a ‘must’ for writers! Pity there’s not a ‘mute’ button too!! 🙂


  3. The writing ritual for me usually begins with making tea too, then selecting the right music. I love this poem!


    • Ha! Good to see you visiting my blog, Damon 🙂 Tea’s essential but I must have peace and quiet too … I so envy writers who have music on … just doesn’t work for me (!)


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