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Absinthe: La Folie Verte

Absinthe: La Folie Verte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It bewitches the heart,
bewilders the mind,
leads to where
good things are timed.
Delusions of clarity,
thoughts of parity…
Let us carouse
on a vilified glass;
give us a spoon,
sugar, iced water,
and succumb to
the spirit.
La fée verte.

We’ll be the plebeian,
swig the bohemian;
join Baudelaire and van Gogh,
Modigliani, Rimbaud
and the like
–feel the spike–
Go to Paris,
honey the brim,
drink deep within,
la fée verte.

I call on Artemis,
goddess of dance
a song of fire
with a lyre.
Protect young girls,
let drink give a whirl …
goddess of forest and hill;
set apart from Apollo,
with bow and arrows
from the isle of Lipari
we drink your wormwood.
La fée verte.

Special, so special,
New Orlean rooms
filled with Degas.
Mark Twain and
friends imbibe
in the birthplace of
the Sazerac,
la fée verte.
La fée verte.

Polly Stretton © 2013

A rewrite–I love this topic …


30 thoughts on “Sorcery

  1. LOVE, Love, love the poem Polly! It does fit with the spirit of the Montmartre! Have you tried Absinthe? It is once again legal and is safer than in the past. However, the taste smacks of something one would use for stripping paint… 🙂


  2. Ah, the grand bohemian idyll… And I keep telling people we poets do actually do other things than getting wrecked… 😉


  3. Oooh the ambiance just rips through this poem – fantastic 🙂


  4. wildly wonderful, Polly.


  5. This is intriguing Polly. I can tell that a lot of work has gone into this. The wording is superb 🙂


  6. This poem is like a spell! It’s very pretty! I’d like to try absinthe one day…


  7. Absinthe does have its romantic appeal even for someone like me who never drinks and certainly never tasted this … as as you show, it’s all about the connection to creatives of another era. Well done, Polly.


  8. This speaks of old-time absinthe, and I’m pleasantly surprised you could conjure so much of the reality without having experienced it. I would have thought you’d have poured a few through the old sugar cube.

    I had some “real” absinthe a long time back, the whole shebang, special spoon to pour the absinthe over a sugar cube, etc. Mildly opiate in its feel, rather like a hashish high. Nowadays, the stuff is still green but just makes one a big tired and logy, but people still think it’s the “real” stuff, which cracks me up. They manufacture their own synthetic high!!

    Mind over matter. Or in the case of genuine absinthe, the opposite…! Great stuff, Polly! Amy


  9. I’d have loved to have been around to have tried that old time crazy juice – they said it was poison yet drank it just the same!

    Quite envy you the experience, Amy, and love your description of it – the new style stuff is somehow … lacking, you say? 😉

    Glad you enjoyed the poem and hope all well with you.


  10. Wonderful… closest I’ve come to it is wormwood in the garden to keep away the pests…ha ha ! Very nice style! 🙂


  11. There’s an Absinthe museum in Auvers sur Oise – have you ever been?
    I visited whilst on one of my many “in the footsteps of Van Gogh” trips.
    Twas amazing – the original version was a near lethal herbal concoction, devised to keep armies marching.. and then post-war, Pernod tempered it (marginally) and marketed it for civvie consumption!


    • Anything with a fascinating history intrigues me … wormwood, poison, glamorous names, artists and writers, it’s all there encapsulated in the topic for this poem – I’ve not been to the museum, Maria, but maybe one day 🙂


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