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Christmas is Coming!

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Christmas is coming and here’s the perfect gift. Available from Amazon – just follow the link – or you can get your copy directly from me, see details below.
Girl's Got Rhythm Front CoverIf you’d like a copy of Girl’s Got Rhythm, copies are available directly from me and I’d be delighted to forward one (or more!) to you. I’ll sign / inscribe it / them if you wish ~ just tell me who it is for or what you’d like me to write ~ £5 plus £1 P&P in UK. I’ll work out the P&P if you’re overseas. Let me know where you are located and I’ll come back to you with the costs.


One thought on “Christmas is Coming!

  1. Polly, it is lovely of you to include those of us over here in France and love your work. Perhaps you could let me know what it would be in euros? Otherwise, I could ask for it to be sent to a friend in London who comes over about every six weeks. It would be worth waiting for!


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