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Hobgoblin Trees


A walk along the riverside sometimes turns up an unexpected image πŸ™‚

Hobgoblin Trees

See the way the shadows play,

on a face turned to the sun,
arms outstretched, hobgoblin trees

reach for skies soul-darkened, done.

Spring will come as come it may,
see the way the shadows play

anemone attention.

Dawn, a pale, earnest ballet,
arms outstretched. Hobgoblin trees,

battered now by wind, by tongue,

lengthened in season’s decay.
See the way the shadows play.

Water stretches wild and fey,

muddy edge tiptoes away,
arms outstretched, hobgoblin trees.

See the depths the eve descends

with a face turned to the sun,
see the way the shadows play,
arms outstretched, hobgoblin trees.

Polly Stretton Β© 2013


19 thoughts on “Hobgoblin Trees

  1. Lovely to see friends old and new following my blog – thank you for sticking with me. You’ll have noticed I’m not posting so often just now. I’m moving house and that’s taking priority. One day, hopefully early in the New Year, I’ll be back to blogging as I used to. Thank you for your patience and support – Polly x


  2. “Spring will come, it will be done,
    see the way the shadows pray”—I love how this skips across my brain and tongue. Nabbed me, it did. πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the move. Always a hectic (but exciting) time.


  3. The cold morning mist will wrap
    And refresh the soil.
    The soil will retreat
    Beneath iced-sheen,
    Waiting again …

    For your new spring.


  4. Love the rhythm Polly. It really does grab me. It may interest you to know that you could have written here. It would not surprise me if there were a hobgoblin about… πŸ™‚


  5. Excellente’; read it 3 times for good reading of good writing…


  6. captured perfectly….was this the first frost for you…think we have plenty on the way this week after much sunshine and clear blue skies last…


  7. Sweet tribute to the fall and hobgoblin tree.


  8. Lovely Polly. ‘for a frame turned to the sun… reach for skies soul-darkened breeze.’ ‘arms outstretched’ Super phrasing and imagery, very resonant.


  9. Polly, the “hobgoblin trees,” shadowy arms outstretched… at first creepy, but finally, in prayer. This is another good one! Thanks, AMy


  10. fantastic!


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