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Get Unique Christmas Gifts Here


It’s wintertime, nearly Christmas, and time to remind you of my first two books—they make great presents.

If you’ve already bought them, thank you very much.

If you’d like a signed paperback copy, you can email me at and send me the message you’d like me to write inside (if you’d like one!) Don’t forget to tell me where you live so that I can work out what the postage will come to – generally, it’s around £2 in UK. GGR is £7 per copy and Six Small Beasties is £2 per copy.

Girl’s Got Rhythm and Six Small Beasties are also available via Amazon UK. Outside of the UK they’re available via Girl’s Got Rhythm and Six Small Beasties.

Wishing you peace and joy at Christmas. Enjoy yourselves 🙂

GGR BPP Front Cover - Stretton

SSBAAL Front Cover - Stretton


7 thoughts on “Get Unique Christmas Gifts Here

  1. Would make lovely gifts for someone. I haven’t seen your ‘Six Small Beasties.’ I’ll have to go check it out. 🙂


  2. Your SO clever to do a children’s poem book! Have you been reviewed? I’m sure some mommy bloggers would EAT this up!


    • Oops, you’ve spotted my lack of asking people for reviews, Jasmine. I was lucky with Girl’s Got Rhythm, several bloggers reviewed it, but no-ones reviewed Six Small Beasties yet – I must ask *blush*


      • You have to get some mommy bloggers to check you out! It’s an AMAZING thought and it’s christmas! I mean TIZ the season!!! Get on it!


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