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Ear Bud


The couple on the train,
sitting side by side,
with the iPhone,
listen to their music.
They share an ear bud each,
“You’ll like this bit,” she says.
“I like the riff,” he answers.
They smile into each other’s eyes,
Her head dips and rises in time
with the beat and his
head bobs too.
They smile again, delighted,
listening to what
we can’t hear.

Polly Stretton © 2014


30 thoughts on “Ear Bud

  1. That’s very sweet. Last night my husband and I watched a television show on my laptop, each with our own earbuds. We missed it on TV so I downloaded the episode from iTunes. It was close quarters, but I don’t think we were quite as sweet and romantic as your new-love couple. I probably poked him a couple times to move. 😉


  2. Well titled Polly 😉


  3. Sweet observation…


  4. We’ve all witnessed something like this but you have the observant eye necessary to turn it into something as warm and cohesive as this. Greatly enjoyed, thank you.


  5. Neat construction Polly, free verse in symmetrical flow, and I love the snapshot of contemporary tech-intimacy – a stolen moment


  6. Poignant poem, lovely, fun; great title too. k.


  7. Lucky you. Ordinarily you cannot avoid hearing other peoples music, particularly on the train.


  8. So sweet. 🙂 And so true. 🙂


  9. Elegant, and made me value the passing of the boom box all the more. 🙂 So sweet.


  10. This so sweet and a great title. i have wonderful pictures of my daughters sharing one set of ear buds–I know this has a romantic feel, but for me, it is nice to think of them. k.


  11. Ah young loves dream. Doesn’t last…. during the Sheffield floods/power cuts, I went out and bought a battery operated radio as hubby wouldn’t share his ear phones. It drove me nuts with nearly two days of ‘ Ohhhh, Oh my, that’s awful, ‘ and me continuously asking ‘what???’ and him shushing me! 😦


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