Writings and Witterings



The bloom is fading from his face
and autumn comes stage left.
There we see the remnant
trace of youth.
He is bereft.

Beauty is the spring
and summer
bright for all to see.
Autumn leaves retain
their colour
but for the summer grieves.

Winter frosts the fallen leaves
and icicles drip slow.
Look after faded
autumn blooms,
for winter comes
we know.

Polly Stretton Β© 2014


16 thoughts on “Frosts

  1. Yes, I’m afraid my literal and figurative winters will soon collide. Well, maybe I have a few years left before that happens…


  2. It’s not the wrinkles I mind, as the fact that my body is no longer quite as supple and pain-free… Ah well… it’s the mind that counts!


  3. heh-heh… I like your comments, Marina – is the male point of view different from the female pov?


  4. Lovely poem, Polly! I had to read it twice to understand why I liked it so much. For me, it is written with such warmth that it balances the Frost.


  5. Life initially seems to move with the speed of a glacier, then more like the proverbial downhill snowball. An astute and gracious treatment of a normally frigid topic. Well done Polly.


  6. beautiful in form, rhythm, and metaphor.!!


  7. Thank you, Jane. I appreciate your comments, truly πŸ™‚


  8. Beautifully evocative writing


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