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England – February 2014


Shattered, battered
by iced blue winds, by gales
buffeting, shunting, lifting roofs,
shifting masonry that falls, falls,





down onto a taxi. Life lost.
It uproots old trees,
the coastline hails shale,
breaks shards into a restaurant
spoiling Valentine’s night
for dream-eyed, stark-eyed diners.
Tumelting skies,
grey driving rain storms,
floods turn grass to sea,
sea rears,
shatters, batters;
does the same,
does the same

Polly Stretton © 2014


21 thoughts on “England – February 2014

  1. Nature, It has a temper to not be trifled with indeed


  2. Or should I say ‘dislike the facts, like the way you’ve woven them into a poem’.


  3. Devastation, Polly. Next week looks drier though.



  4. Guess I should be grateful for my snow and cold. You’ve captured Mother Nature well. Sorry to hear England is experiencing so much flooding.


  5. I’ve been seeing pictures of the storms and flooding in the UK while watching the football matches from over there. Awful. Hope all is well where you are, Polly.


    • We are fortunate to live on one of the highest spots in Worcester, David, so our property is safe. The situation in the city is very different – the main Worcester bridge has been closed, army trucks are taking people through the floods to enable them to get to work. The debris in the river is unspeakable and unclearable for the time being. So many homes and businesses are flooded and casualties are occurring. As I write this it’s a bright, clear, sunshiny day, but cold. The weather reporters say that the storms will have longer respites between. We all hope they go away soon.


  6. This piece buffets the reader with alliteration, assonance, consonance while punching with pertinent adjectives. Fine poetry – well done Polly, your clouds have silver linings.


  7. Polly, a powerful piece! Nature is beautiful but she does have a temper. Here is to brighter and warmer days!


  8. It’s a lovely clear and sunny day today, Lea, so we’re hoping the weather folk are right and there will be longer periods of calm between the storms. It can only get better.


  9. This is a great poem with wonderful imagery. I feel this way in Ohio! We have been battered and worn down, too! Smiles, Robin


  10. Like this one very much Polly – topical and buffeting!


  11. Stormy alliteration, paints quite a picture; good write…


    • Thanks Lindy – those storms were really something this year – felt like they’d never stop – thankfully they did and we’re now into calmer, prettier weather 🙂


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