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Slants Of Light—Readings And Photos


In the company of  the Paragram Poetry Prize Competition organiser, Sally Blackmore, poets and guests, we had a wonderful time at the Poetry Cafe (Poetry Place) in Betterton Street, Central London on Friday. It was the launch of the ‘Slants of Light Anthology’ with readings. Snug and warm inside, there was even time for an open mic slot as the wind whipped up litter and threw masonry from roofs.

Here are some photos with a copy of the first poem you hear me read on the audio file (well, hopefully, if we can upload it!) The other two poems on the audio are Hobgoblin Trees and Latent, they can be found here and here.

The photos and audio were recorded on a mobile phone. I think the quality is surprisingly OK and my thanks go to Angie for recording and photographing on the evening 🙂

Microsoft Word - A Different Kind Of Three.docx

To get a copy of ‘Slants of Light’ click the following link to visit the Paragram Poetry web site