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I am solo
yet one of two
I am separate
yet one of four
I am individual
yet one of sixty-three
I am unique
yet one of ninety-four thousand
I am different
yet one of sixty-two million three hundred thousand
I am inimitable
yet one of seven billion
‘No man is an island’*
I am me

*John Donne (1572-1631)

Polly Stretton © 2014


21 thoughts on “Connection

  1. wat a post…..good one……..


  2. As are we all! And thank goodness for that! Beautifully put, Polly.


  3. This is wonderful, Polly! Loved it!


  4. Love it! I also love your new cover picture 🙂


    • Ha! You noticed the new pic! Glad you like it – and ‘Connection’ – it’s a different shot of Laugharne, one of my fave places 🙂


  5. Well put, Polly! I like that cover photo too…so idyllic appearing…no wonder it’s a favorite place of yours.


    • Lovely to hear from you Gayle – hope all is well – thanks for your comments. Laugharne, in Wales, is where Dylan Thomas lived for a long period, and it is quite wonderful 🙂


      • I didn’t know that…and it does look wonderful. Still taking caring of the wee little lass that is now 18 months old…having fun! 🙂 Not quite moved yet?


  6. Thanks Gayle, I can’t believe the baby is 18 months old – give her a big cuddle from me.

    No, not quite moved yet… hoping it’ll be this year!


  7. Just a face in the crowd…


  8. So true Polly and I do too love your new cover picture looks some place I’d like to get away to. 🙂


    • You’d love it in Laugharne, Di, it has the most beautiful scenery… a great ‘getaway’ place – looks a bit like you need a break (just like me) right now. I’ll have to wait for mine as I’m still looking to move, but I don’t think it’ll be any time soon – these things go on and on and on and on and on (well, you get the idea). x


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