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Not Guilty


There are no guilty men in gaol,
to comprehend what they go through:
they are misunderstood; we fail
to see them as like me and you.
We can’t imagine why they strayed,
they say, I quote, ‘Not me at all.’
Don’t own the error of their ways,
to them we live in cloudy pall.
These innocents have done no wrong,
they give reasons for all they did.
We others sing another song.
They want to show they did no wrong.

Polly Stretton © 2014


11 thoughts on “Not Guilty

  1. Thanks sharing a nice poem. When a person concerned does not realize his/her fault that person cannot refine his/her ways. We humans commit mistakes and reap the consequences of the same. But those who realize this can lead a happy life thereafter.


    • This came from a chance remark overheard in a cafe ‘of course, there are no guilty men in prison, they’re all innocent or so they’d have you believe.’

      I find that idea interesting.

      Thank you for commenting.


      • The poet always is an emotional being first and then something else. Whenever something unusual especially emotional inclined things are surcharged thing i is heard or found he/she pens the same.

        Thanks and regards


  2. That is very true. It’sthard to imagine the horror of it happening to you. Thoughtful piece.


  3. Great poem Polly!
    Having worked with patients both inside the prisons and out, I have been more frightened of the ones on the outside.


  4. Oh my, Lea – how extraordinary. I’ve heard people say similar about mental hospitals ie ‘can’t tell who are the staff and who are the patients’ – all very strange. Glad you enjoyed the poem, though. 🙂


  5. Great insight . . .love the ending.


  6. Food for thought…..


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