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He Calls – Hunter’s Moon


Tomorrow, Tuesday 15 April, is a full moon. It may present as a Blood Moon otherwise called the Hunter’s Moon. Worth taking a look..?

He Calls – Hunter’s Moon

The temperature rises,
crows caw, ground thaws, the moon is full.
The Blood Moon of spring.

A bark.
He calls.

Filthy, dripping teeth.
Werewolves change form beneath
the Hunter’s Moon of spring.

Eyebrows meet at the bridge of his nose,
he grows bristles under his tongue.
No tail, swinging stride, a gaze to paralyse.

He strips off his clothes, his man clothes,
piles them by the roadside,
pees around them in a circle,
satisfied, he turns, howls, bounds to the woods.
Tears the flesh from recently interred cadavers,
drinks the blood of wounded soldiers.

He’s a corpse returned
from the grave
to fornicate.

She’s out all night. Doors and locks
spring open at her approach.
Wolf-women acquire

a dreadful desire for human flesh,
devour their own children
and those of others.

Strength, speed, stealth… shy, sly killers,
cochineal eyes,
bloodied teeth.

Watch out!
Silver tipped canes
create bubbling burns,
that make them yearn
for the silver bullet to the brain.

It’s merely a myth, simply a shape shift,
a bite, a scratch,
from one transformed…

A bark.
He calls.

Hide your babies,
Lycaon serves human flesh
To Zeus.

Polly Stretton © 2014

‘Experts predict that the moon will glow an eerie red-orange shade, a phenomenon astronomers call a “blood moon” or “hunter’s moon.”

‘The colour is caused by the light from sunsets and sunrises glinting off the surface of the Earth. As sun light bends around outer edges of the planet, the light beams into the Earth’s shadow, transforming the Moon into a rust-coloured orb. The effect is similar to that of the sun turning the clouds red or pink during a sunrise or sunset.’



12 thoughts on “He Calls – Hunter’s Moon

  1. Sppppoooky poem, Polly! :-). Great writing, I enjoyed reading the strength of your lines and words. And I shall look out for the moon. 🙂


    • heh-heh… so pleased you found it spooky Angela. Thanks for your comments. I too shall be looking out for a red moon, not sure that I’ve ever seen one!


  2. Wonderful! Loved it! But I think I’ll be keeping my doors locked tomorrow night…


  3. Perhaps I’ll take a chance and see that moon… 🙂


  4. I like a good scientific explanation. Still the ancient one did have a little more pizzazz.


  5. Yikes – the moon was brilliant but not very pink. Your atmospheric poem has me hiding under the duvet!!


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