Writings and Witterings



They hum in my head
I snatch to catch winging words
Bumblebees buzzing

17 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Like vocables – that keep repeating on and on :-0


  2. Nice Haiku Polly. Love the alliteration🙂


  3. beetles and flowers …., beautiful scenery of its own


  4. nice… i love bumblebees… there’s something so utterly charming in their bit tumbling flight


  5. “I snatch to catch winging words.” Love that line, Polly!


  6. Very, very fine thought and execution.


  7. I love personifying animals and creatures! I think they all have voices and stories to tell! did you ever see the great movie, about “Miss Potter?” The movie encapsulizes animals in little cartoon movements, starting with Beatrix Potter’s real illustrations. She gave a lot to the country of England in acreage for nature preserves. In that day, it was rare for women to be able to make a living let alone give in their deaths… I wrote a post about this!


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