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Head To Core


‘You interest me, lady,’ he said,
dispassionate, ice eyes.
She thrilled from head to core,
the time, the place, the opportunity
were his.
‘Come up and see me,’ he said,
crooked smile, glint in ice eyes.
She did.
And so it started.

From head to core
she was afraid,
‘You’re an animal,’ she said
at the first bruise.

Ice eyes licked over her
from head to core.
He raised his hand, his fist,
she wept.
‘You bore me,’ he said,
ice eyes dangerous.
‘I’m leaving,’ she said.
Shaken from head to core
she left
as he reached for the knife.

Polly Stretton © 2014


26 thoughts on “Head To Core

  1. Quite dark but nicely written.


  2. Jesus! That is a dark one! I hope she escaped.


  3. This is a bit chilling, Polly – but captures the initial thrill and attraction, as well as the darkness.


  4. I hope she got out in time!


  5. I detected an apple analogy here and it made me smile when I arrived at the end.


  6. This was great and had my imagination really going, Polly! I guess we all assume one thing, then find out the truth. Wish that it were as easy as you make it look, to write so well in succinct verses, too! Great post!


    • Thanks Robin – poetry’s a great vehicle to get points over efficiently 😉 btw, I love your posts and wish I had more time to read – you do a marvellous job of expressing what we feel.


  7. Yikes – that’s a dark one! His name wasn’t Jack was it?
    Brilliant poem 🙂


    • Goodness, you’re just what I need right now Alex since someone’s just posted on a closed group on Facebook that they ‘don’t like this sort of prose’ but that ‘it is purely a personal thing.’ I wouldn’t feel so dampened by it if they’d said why… maybe I ask too much…

      …and no, his name wasn’t Jack, it’s all my grim imagination and social commentary.


      • Maybe because they recognise the situation more than they care to admit.

        I love it – yes it can be dark if that is how you choose to read it, but… it can have other interpretations.

        So – not Jack? Erm… how about Mr Grey? 🙂


        • heh-heh… it was the word ‘prose’ that offended me – we’ve all got opinions, that’s a sure thing, but…

          Nope, not Mr Grey… a piece in a newspaper was the inspiration some years ago.


          • Yes – I would feel the same. Surely the repetition of ‘from head to core’, lifts it right out from prose and firmly anchors it as poetry!

            Maybe it is the place they are at. Sometimes readers make unusual comments on my work and I wonder what they have seen! I have written some deep, bleak pieces and some readers have not got it at all! *rolls eyes * x


            • Ah well, better a comment than to ignore it utterly. I think we’re amongst the lucky ones, we have a blog and supportive followers, not everyone does.

              Thanks for your helpful and balanced remarks, Alex 🙂


  8. Powerful Polly flexing her verse! Chilling yet excellent. 🙂


  9. Yikes…that was fantastically dark, Polly. Did she get away?


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