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In a Box In a Drawer


There they sit in a box in a drawer,
I pause to think,
then think some more,
about what they mean,
about what they were for,
about why they linger in a box in a drawer.

A commemorative coin, two medals,
WI brass and gilt badge, with enamels,
World War Two ‘For Home and Country’.
The coin shows, to put it quite bluntly,
a failed bridegroom with his bride.
While the badge and medals mark honour and pride.

The medals belong to a younger me,
I could swim in those days, lengthily,
a silver, a gold,
a story to be told;
they drown in a box in a drawer,
they can be found in a box in a drawer.

There they sit in a box in a drawer,
what will they mean
when I leave through that door?
The door Mum and Dad took a few years ago,
the one that goes one way,
as far as we know.

Memories remain, and these,
nothing more;
nothing more lingers,
in a box in a drawer.

Polly Stretton © 2014


29 thoughts on “In a Box In a Drawer

  1. And that’s how it all ends up sadly. Poignant.


  2. I have very few tokens or memorabilia. I don’t look at them often and when I do, I just feel melancholy. That’s probably why I don’t save things. 😉

    Wonderful poem, as always.


  3. Little memory aids hidden away. I like the image.


  4. A bit haunting and sad…


  5. This is truly beautiful. So glad I found your blog via beccagivens x


    • Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. Becca has a wonderful blog. I love meeting new people and reading new to me blogs too – oh, and thank you for your comments 🙂


  6. The first stanza is an absolute stunner, Polly.


  7. A box in a drawer, memories…who share them with us? I don’t have a box in a drawer. It makes one wonder what we leave behind as memories for others.


  8. a good question… will those things have any worth to anyone… probably they will for your kids… we’re all leaving our footprints while we walk on this earth and we all wish them to last for a bit..


  9. Thus is truly a beautiful way of expressing a combination of emotions, Polly. The people, your loved ones, (parents?) missed and longing to be held, their memory heard once again. Mementos tied with stories were described simply with depth of love and time passing. I hope mainly, no regrets since their lives were remembered making them “lives well lived.” ❤
    Interesting, the "door closing" in your mind and description. Sounds much too final in my own family and imagination, Polly. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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