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To My Friend – As You Go Into Hospital


Hello, hello, hello, hello 🙂 I’m back from a week away – had a brilliant time – good to be back – will try to catch up with everyone soon. For today, especially written for my dear friend who goes into hospital for a major operation. With lots of love.

To My Friend – As You Go Into Hospital

I see you in the sky blossoms:
lapis lazuli, cloudy pearls;
in laburnum chains,
lime links and leafy swirls.
And the sunshine’s silvery golden show
says, ‘See you soon,’ as off you go
with my love.

Think of days like today
when the sun shines as if it’s July.
Remember your friend,
who thinks of you
and the ace times we’ll spend

Polly Stretton © 2014


19 thoughts on “To My Friend – As You Go Into Hospital

  1. A excellent way to well wish nicely done!


  2. Welcome back, Polly! I wish the best for your friend. Lovely poem for her.


  3. Welcome back Polly! What a great poem for your friend. I hope all goes well for her.


  4. beautiful…how fortunate your friend to have someone like you in her corner.


  5. Lovely poem, Polly – love the first four lines especially. Glad you had a good holiday.


  6. Some people have been known for reading tea leaves, Polly reads the sky! Lovely poem and best wishes for your friend. You have given her lovely lines to think on.


  7. What a lovely poem to your friend- hope they are making a full recovery 🙂


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