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Latest Edition—Girl’s Got Rhythm


GGR BPP Front Cover - Stretton

The latest edition of my collection of poems Girl’s Got Rhythm is out. It has a gorgeous new cover, thank you Black Pear Press, and a different layout.

It was delightful to be given the opportunity to update Girl’s Got Rhythm, a collection of my poems first published 2012. Like many poets, as I read and re-read my work I can’t resist tinkering to improve them – it’s not often that I’d be bold enough to call a poem ‘finished’ – though as some will recognise, lots of them are finished as they form on the page.

I hope you enjoy reading my collection – it was wonderful when the first edition was published, and I’ve loved creating this revision.

It’s available here. See links below.

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eBook UK

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14 thoughts on “Latest Edition—Girl’s Got Rhythm

  1. Is there a big difference between this and the earlier version?


    • Gosh, Joe, difficult for me to say – like I said above, the layout is different. For example, where the first edition started with ‘Seasons’ and the first poem was ‘Lamb’, the second edition starts with ‘Urban Life and Technology’ and the first poem is ‘Transient Sound’. I’ve revised many of the poems but they are still identifiable as the originals.

      Thanks for asking 🙂


  2. Polly, I shall hold you personally responsible for making my book list grow! I shall look forward to ordering soon. 🙂


  3. ah that looks beautiful… i wonder how much i would rework if i would browse through my older poems… some of them seem never finished


  4. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to look back at earlier work, but I must say I enjoyed myself with this… did a bit of cringing too (!) I agree, Claudia, some of them never seem finished.


  5. Congratulations, Polly–I have so many what I call drafts and I don’t go back much, but mean to. Thanks for inspiration. Will look into ebook! k.


    • I confess that I may not have returned to them, but the experience has made me review many others – no bad thing and interesting that even when you’ve considered a poem ‘good enough’ to publish on returning to it, it can truly be cringeworthy!

      Hope all well with you, Karin 🙂


  6. Congratulations, Polly – I’ve today uploaded your book image on my blog’s sidebar. Hopefully, this would mean some added awareness. All the best,
    Eric 🙂


  7. Can’t wait. First edition was fab! Looking forward to getting my new, updated version!

    Liked by 1 person

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