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If the English Oak is an immigrant from Spain
then, what does ‘native’ mean?
If the robin is an import from France
as per Georges Cuvier
who ‘created’ the genus
in 1800…
A chat,
an insectivorous bird
that catches flies,
from the Far East perhaps?
Yet Linnaeus of the 18th century
originally described the flyer.
How can this be?
If robin redbreast
hails from the 1400’s
and the Gran Canarian robin
goes back 2.3 million years.

What does ‘native’ mean?

Polly Stretton © 2014


20 thoughts on “Native

  1. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:


  2. You make an excellent point here…! 🙂


  3. We’re all blow-ins in one way or another. Barely thirty thousand years ago where we both stand now was under meters of ice. Not much there for oaks and robins I think. Life is change, that is the only constant.


    • I have a fascination – eternal curiosity – about those who claim to have ‘created’ or ‘invented’ or say they’re the first to…
      So given that we were under meters of ice, as you say, Joe, how did the robins get through that?

      Glad they did, though 😉


  4. You can always count on Polly to churn up the old grey matter. Today’s offering is a veritable feast for pondering… 🙂


  5. It could be that the whole of life is not native and bacteria fell from space, thus we are all displaced in some way 😀 After all we are all children of star matter.


  6. Very clever. It is amazing that a significant number of us people believe that man was made 10,000 ago. Crazy. Thanks. K.


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