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Mechanic Leigh Print Version on Amazon


Written Words Never Die

I’m happy to announce that Mechanic Leigh, paperback, is now available from Amazon. Please click on image for Amazon USA:

Mechanic Leigh full cover_JPEG

Click here for Amazon UK

The back cover contains eight (8) comments, a small selection from the many supporters of Mechanic Leigh. I reproduce these comments below:

I enjoy your Mechanic Leigh stories. The info on Singapore, the language and the cultural info wrapped in a clever and enjoyable prose – Stephen Baum, California, USA

Loved it as it took me back to my evil teen years – Ian Grice, Queensland, Australia

This whole saga of Mechanic Leigh is so beautifully written – Soma Mukherjee, New Delhi, India

I really enjoyed these Mechanic Leigh stories – Melissa Perera, Maryland, USA

Eric is a living testimony to the belief that if we write from the heart, we will touch other hearts – Jane Thorne, Buckinghamshire, UK

The characters are funny and…

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9 thoughts on “Mechanic Leigh Print Version on Amazon

  1. Hello Polly,

    Thank you for this reblog 🙂 This is totally unexpected and very welcomed!

    As a token of my appreciation, I wish to upload a book image with click through to your blog that highlights your book. See the books I’ve loaded on my blog’s side bar. From what I know, you don’t have a book to your name (yet) but will be happy to do so when/if you publish a book.

    I emailed you moments ago explaining further details.

    Once again, thank you for your generosity,


  2. Polly, thank you. I’ve added it to the list… the endless list I’m afraid. 🙂


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