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Midsummer Solstice


by Io Osborn

by Io Osborn

Midsummer Solstice

She is Thalia, reads to Gaia, gestures,
rests on rock in sun on the windborne scent
of wild thyme, her shadow caught by the clan.
Crags millions of years old
age around a smooth edged cave
carved out by man.
There was once a hawthorn tree called
‘Wishing Tree’ where the children danced
as a hermit bathed in a well to cure
his sore eyes.
A ravine, against the roots of an old
crabapple, holds a huge block of syenite,
said to be a site of rites.
All this she knows as she reads of swifts
swooping and dancing, sees eyes close
romancing and glancing at words
to celebrate the place in which they stay.
It’s midsummer – summer solstice.

Polly Stretton © 2013

This poem celebrates the solstice and was written following the Malvern Hills Midsummer Walk last year. This year we had a fabulous Midnight Moonlight Solstice Walk. In good company, we heard what we think were probably tawny owlets calling, saw glow worms, saw stars and were advised on the constellations by an expert in our midst (!) welcomed the solstice, drank wine, heard poetry and had a lovely time.


13 thoughts on “Midsummer Solstice

  1. Good piece! There is always a little magic in the air this time of year.


  2. I really enjoyed that one Polly. Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂


  3. That sounds like a wonderful walk to take. A lovely way to celebrate the solstice.


  4. It was a great evening – one of those you’d like to bottle and let go for other times 😉


  5. Polly, I’m usually too caught up with other pursuits to attend Madison, WI’s Summer Solstice celebration… but usually at the Winter Solstice, I try to find a Longest Night service, which combines elements of religion with the “not-so-holly-jolly” that folks get, those Winter Blues. In fact, I’ve played music at many.

    The solstices are two powerful dates, two “thin places” where spiritual and earthly intertwine for a dance and a bonfire. Hey, Halloween, get in line! Wonderful depiction of the Summer Solstice, the Longest Day. Amy


    • Ah… cool way of describing two of the solstices, Amy. I think you were going to play at one when you posted about a dress you bought – I loved it, tracked it down, and bought one too 🙂


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