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Mañana Seaside Days


An Anaphoric and Ekphrastic poem – painting by contemporary impressionist artist Leslie Stones.


Searching the Rock Pools Leslie Stones (www.lesliestones.co.uk)

Searching the Rock Pools Leslie Stones (www.lesliestones.co.uk)

Mañana Seaside Days

Seaside siblings and a crèche of cousins,
deckchair damsels dashing hopes of dozens,
countless crabby tickled toes a’paddling,

rock pools – splash! – soft sands in sunlight dazzling.
Scabby shins sprawl sandily, stickily,
toes touch, tease towel tents, torment trickily,

lulling listening, laughs linger lacily,
sunshine shimmers on sunhats racily,
gulls’ wings sigh while seashells gleam and glitter.

Seaside sunny days, hot, sparkling sitters.
Slosh, slosh shallows; shush shushing shingle hosts
mañana seaside days at Cornish coast.


Polly Stretton © 2012

Published in Girl’s Got Rhythm 2012 and 2014


23 thoughts on “Mañana Seaside Days

  1. These are a few of my favourite things… Wonderful fun Polly!


  2. I love this one and remember reading it in your book. Makes me want to be at a beach. NOW! 🙂


    • heh-heh, broke my promise to self that I wouldn’t post because it was such a beautiful day yesterday that this poem kept occuring to me – had to post it – glad you enjoyed it again, Carrie. 🙂


  3. Polly, of COURSE you had to post this, if nothing else, so I could read it, ha ha. I love ekphrastic poems, especially when I can pick my own image. The alliteration in this one is over the top with fun, juicy words, and the seaside… no matter where, regardless of ocean, is a magical place, a “thin place,” where all creation is separated from the Other Side by a membrane.

    Love the image of the family looking for stones. Magical. Amy


    • So true, Amy, the alliteration is a nightmare when you’re reading it out loud, but I do like it and think it fits with the shore noises and chatter of children and gulls at our seasides. Seas and oceans, lakes and ponds are magical, mystical places, I love ’em.

      The painter gave me permission to use his wonderful image, I was delighted, it’s so reminiscent of the holidays I was remembering.


  4. Oh how I love this!! I had a day out at Filey last Saturday on the east coast, a rarity these days as MS makes it difficult. But I hadn’t seen the sea since before my diagnosis three years ago and I was craving it. So your poem came at the right time to remind me of a fabulous day and the sun shone and the sky was blue and and…! 🙂

    And now Im off to look up a couple of words beginning with Anaphoric!! x


    • It’s lovely to see you enjoyed ‘Mañana Seaside Days’, Christine. It transports me back to a particular coastal holiday with my parents when I was about 7 years old. That’s the first and last seaside holiday I remember with them and it’s become a very special memory. So good to see it is meaningful to you too.
      Thank you so much for your comments – Polly x


  5. Loving your blog! Did I ask you if you write in the OU Poets mag? I just subscribed and saw a poem by Polly Robinson and wondered if it was you x


  6. I’d love to but it’s bit far; travelling far can be rather difficult for me. But never say never! 😊 x


  7. Narrative reminiscence and poetic devices combine to deliver an outstanding poem. Nice work Polly.


  8. A timely post. The summer weather 🙂 I am off on holiday to Cornwall next month 🙂


  9. Aw…lucky you – you’re sure of a great time. Wishing you good weather 🙂


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