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Worcester’s Spider Bridge


A bridge revisited…

Worcester’s Spider Bridge

Summer walking, Worcester Bridge,
we see a sight that makes us twitch.
Others stop and peer and stare
at spiders dancing.
We didn’t dare avert our eyes
as they spin webs to catch small flies,
but we watch and wonder,
at the thousands, at least hundreds:
what a show!
Our amazement grows and grows,
they cluster, muster round the lamps
busy making spider camps
on lights and pillars of river bridge
lined by trapped moth, fly and midge.

And big fat spiders.

Click on the images to see them full size 🙂


13 thoughts on “Worcester’s Spider Bridge

  1. It reminds me of the giant spider webs that crossed footpaths in Tsukuba Japan. They made the walk home “Interesting”


  2. An interesting walk Polly! What fun!


  3. I love this but being scared of spiders I wouldn’t have been able to stand there.


  4. Im twitching now and strangely my arm feels tinkly! What a phenomenon! I can allow a tiny spider across my hand but I mean really tiny. After that well… id love to see the webs in the moonlight though. I wonder if they think we’re creepy 😊


  5. I’ve added a couple of photos taken on the evening in question, Christine. They’re the best I have, but might give you some idea of what was going on (!)

    Wise creatures…they totally ignore us.


  6. They’re really fascinating photos Polly. I can just imagine them all writing poems about us! 😄


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