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Perigee Moon


Perigee Moon

Fulsome, blowsy
closer to earth,
closer to man,
fuller and fatter
than the seas.
See her grave face
through the lens
of perigee,
think of the aeons
of this moon
and gravity
pulling higher tides,
the aim: diversity,
as the community
makes moon water.

Polly Stretton © 2014

With acknowledgement to: http://beforeitsnews.com

With acknowledgement to: http://beforeitsnews.com


16 thoughts on “Perigee Moon

  1. Should be an awesome sight.


  2. Polly, it is as if we are at the other end of her microscope and under examination. 🙂 x


  3. I keep learning from your blog Polly! I didnt know about a perigee moon! Love the idea of a “blowsy” moon!


    • heh-heh…you are funny, Christine – it was something I found in the press that spiked my curiousity – I’d never heard of it before this year either! 😀


  4. You’re my new encyclopaedia! 😄


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