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Arvon ‘The Story Line’ At The Hurst


A great week in Shropshire focussed on poetry—what a way to spend time. Wonderful surroundings, no internet or service for mobile phones, so a totally ‘cut off’ few days— very restful—and I even got some poems written! Without further ado…the photos by me unless otherwise stated. Click on an image to see larger photos in the gallery:



17 thoughts on “Arvon ‘The Story Line’ At The Hurst

  1. Sounds lovely Polly and what a beautiful place to stay. Looking forward to reading your poems 🙂


    • It was such a busy week, Norma, but restful at the same time – no access to anything online…a mixed blessing… but boy, did we get some writing done! 🙂


  2. It looks like a very inspirational place. I look forward to reading what it inspired.


  3. This sounds absolutely lovely. How did you find out about the holiday.


  4. Polly, what an amazing event that must have been. A bit green here with a modicum of envy… 🙂 x


  5. looks like you had a wonderful week polly


  6. Oh this sounds fab Polly! Sounds like you had a great time. A dream of a few days I should think 😊


  7. It was so gorgeous…. *sigh*…. Lovely photies, Polly. x


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