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Polly’s Pantables!


Wow! Look at these fab photos of Anne Somerset’s pantables (mules) created by shoemaker Maud van den Broecke – can’t wait to see them for real at the weekend!

To see more about the Soul to Sole project at Croome Court see my project blog.

Croome Redefined

A new challenge for me. Heel making! Not only that, working with embroidered velvet on a square toed last! These Mules or Pantobles as poet Polly Robinson discovered, are based on a pair of blue velvet shoes that Lady Anne Somerset would have worn in the 17th Century. Embroidered by a local Worcester company, Jas Embroidery, on blue velvet with a silver thread, the upper was simple but unusual. Around a square toed last, the embroidery was designed to sit centrally over the toe which became a challenge when lasting fine velvet to keep the pattern in place.

The heel was a challenge as I have never made heels this high using stacked leather, however I am happy with the final shape and style and I think it works well with the style of the Pantoble! I mainly used the sanding machine to create the curves in the heel and…

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6 thoughts on “Polly’s Pantables!

  1. They look wonderful, Polly. What an interesting project to be involved with.


  2. They are lovely Polly!


  3. Words forming reality. How exciting!


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