Writings and Witterings

The Promise Of The Watchers


I promise,
I know your darkest fears,
your deepest desires,
and I will use them against you.

I’ve been watching you.

Don’t look behind
as you climb the stairs
there’s nothing to catch you
all unawares.

I’m watching you.

Nails finger lightly
sketching your cheek
your blood slowly seeps.
Lightning seeks the shadows
the creeping shadows.
Thunder echoes
the church bells.
Night time chitters and skitters
rise to crowd you.

They’re watching you.

I promise
you’ll feel no pain.
You’re running, running.
The ground chasms,
you fall, fall
into the pit
and you run,
burning, burning.
I smell you.

I’m watching you.

The devil’s choir
soars higher and higher,
blood flows from ears,
eyes fall to bones,
withered petals from a rose.
Your neck prickles
with fickle fear,
phantoms leave as you breathe,
ghost shades sneer,
steer you to the abyss.
I see them.

They’re watching you.

You worry you’re dead
and don’t know it yet
I see your heart weep
with fathomless desire
and the pain, the pain.

I watch your pain
and smile.

I promise…
I promise you’ll know
when you’re gone.

Polly Stretton Ā© 2014


12 thoughts on “The Promise Of The Watchers

  1. Eerie and amazing! Tis the gauntlet you have thrown down before me once again. I’m still waiting for the faerie folk to give me a title to the response that appeared to Moonlight in a jar! Ah, perhaps it was that moon? šŸ˜‰ x


  2. Ooh very eerie Polly! This gave me the shivers so I guess it worked! šŸ˜„


  3. Scary! First the promise of no pain, only to be followed by lots of pain. :/


  4. Blimey Polly!! This is a Halloween poem for sure! I’m so pleased I read this before bedtime!!! šŸ™‚


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