Writings and Witterings

Pearls Before


He was a swine of the first order,
called himself a teacher,
– couldn’t teach a truffle –
claimed to give constructive comments
…they were swill.
My pearl remains
to irritate the oyster.

Polly Stretton © 2014


22 thoughts on “Pearls Before

  1. point him out and i’ll kick him in the boys’ bits for you, pal.


  2. Oh yes, very good indeed.


  3. Some people just don’t appreciate the finer things. Good one Polly.


  4. I love your work Polly. You make poetry of everyday things splendidly.


  5. Loved it! I’ve known more than one teacher like that… He would not have been capable of recognising the gems. It would have been wasted on his sort. As for your Pearl, it has matured into magnificence! 🙂


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