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Yummy Mummy


Yummy Mummy sitting
in a traffic queue;
child’s hands over ears.
Tell me who
wouldn’t cover eardrums
when the car is jumpin’,
reverbs echoin’,
tyres and chassis bumpin’.
Poor little kid,
ears bleedin’.
Poor, poor mama,
she’s not heedin’
the needs of her kid,
she wants to be funky
with her streaky hair
and her music skunky.
Of course, it’s hip-hop,
or call it what they may,
this was what hit me
on a walk today.

Polly Stretton © 2014

Yummy Mummy car Acknowledgements to stevenjones.blogspot.com

Yummy Mummy car with acknowledgement to stevenjones.blogspot.com

Yummy Mummy www.iwantthatsign.com

Yummy Mummy with acknowledgement to www.iwantthatsign.com


19 thoughts on “Yummy Mummy

  1. Oh, this makes me sad. Poor child. 😦


    • It made me sad, too, Carrie. It’s not often I return from a walk and have a compulsion to write, but I was so disturbed by this that it was a no-brainer…


  2. What always vexes me is what will that kid have to listen to when they want to rebel?


  3. We encounter all sorts on our daily sorties, don’t we?


  4. Ah, don’t get me started on that whole Yummy Mummy tractor driving 300 yards to school thing… I saw another with a dog howling in the back on the way to school (overtaking us as we walked there) and we wondered: what’s the point of taking the dog to school, well, perhaps she’s going to walk him straight afterwards… But no, she left him in the car to drop off the child and then set off home again, music booming, dog howling in the back…


    • The child, a little girl, was slumped against the door / window of the Mummy tractor, she looked miserable. What must that do to a small child? As for dogs howling in cars…the police were supposed to be ‘cracking down’ on that…I’ve seen no evidence of it.
      Anyway, enough. We’ll start a rant at this rate!


  5. A real gem Polly! I use to encounter a lot of that and do not miss it at all. I have no doubt the child was miserable. My kids use to complain about some of my music. When I moved to France my youngest (son) asked for some of my classical cd’s as it was all in his head! 🙂


    • You know, I think that might have been what Joe was getting at in his earlier response. Maybe the result of such bombarding of the eardrums will result in children who enjoy classical music. Having said that, some of the classics need to be heard at full pelt…wonder what the yummy mummy’s would make of ‘Mars’ from Holst being played at top volume? heh-heh 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • My youngest insisted I leave some of my classical with him when I moved here. He said it was in his head. While it wasn’t the original intention, I can think of worse things… 🙂


  6. Polly, every time I see this scenario, or kids running amok while a parent is on a cell phone talking about nothing, or a hundred other situations, I sometimes wonder whether we need more parental training for parent(s) of newborns. And better yet, more effective contraception training before the “blessed event.” I used to play soft jazz, kid songs, some classical… and Riley is better for it. She just asked me to send her a mix of Jacqueline duPre and Yo-Yo Ma! Heaven.

    It isn’t hard to understand how value judgments are made on whole populations when one or two people reenact your poem. Hip-hop is never appropriate in the first place for a child whose frontal cortex, the decision-making part of the brain, doesn’t mature until age 25!!! Now I await the shower of moms who think I’m a jerk…. amy


    • heh-heh…re ‘contraception training’…so good to see that some people have the good sense to play decent stuff when children are around – there again, what’s ‘decent’ to some is the contrary to others. But what I heard and saw would have been unacceptable to any thinking parent, I hope. The poor little mite was…oh, I’m going to stop as I’ve said it already and I really don’t want this to develop into a rant…

      I like your comments re child / frontal cortex – and hope you don’t get any sort of shower from any sort of ‘moms’, if you do then shame on them.

      Loving that Riley’s just asked you to send her a mix – where the yummy mummy in my poem has clearly alienated her daughter, you gave yours the blessing of music to grown up to and enjoy in adulthood.

      Thanks for your thoughts and views, Amy, always appreciated xx


  7. Yeowch! And thank goodness you were even on your own two feet. Yet you manage your own kind of hiphop here. Thanks. k.


  8. Aw this is sad Polly. I can understand why you needed to write. When Im in my daughter’s car we listen to “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round etc! Always something for the little ones to enjoy. X


    • There are so many wonderful children’s songs, we used to sing nursery rhymes to ours when they were small.
      Happy days.
      Thanks for commenting, Christine.


  9. Good one Polly, I hate that boom boom boom…I don’t know how anyone can stand it and particularly in clothes shops, the noise makes me physcially ill…in fact saw a child be sick outside one of those stores and I was sure it was because of the loud music…feel so sorry for the child in the back seat. Maybe I am just showing my age! 😉


    • It calls into question all sorts of thing including that wretched muzak :/

      I’m not sure it’s generational based on the responses to this post.

      Thanks for your response, Di. Hope all’s well with you 🙂


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