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The Wait Poetry Anthology—Poetry For A Cause


My copy of The Wait Poetry Anthology has arrived! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see poems from my friends and fave bloggers, Alex Malcolm-Carr and MarinaSofia plus 97 other wonderful poets. ‘Mrs Smithfield’ is rubbing shoulders with some ace poems.


George Sandifer-Smith has edited this collection of poems and the proceeds go to Cancer Research – a worthwhile cause that I’ve supported in many ways for a long time, as a member of the LitFest team, as an individual, and as a Rotarian. Starting with ‘A Crimson Smile’ by Faisal Al-Doori and moving though to finish with ‘How I know I need a biscuit in the afternoon’ by Katherine Stansfield, these, plus the ones in between, are more than worth a read.

One of my dearest friends is currently seeing oncologists because her cancer has returned. What can I say? I join with the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign and others: ‘Everyone knows someone’. We must keep helping and supporting. We just must.

Thank you, George and the team, for this compilation. I understand that an e-book will be available at some point, but for the time being, here is another link with information about how to purchase the book online.

Everyone should have a copy – brilliant poetry for a brilliant cause.


15 thoughts on “The Wait Poetry Anthology—Poetry For A Cause

  1. Just purchased. And well done! X

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  2. Reblogged this on The Wait Poetry Anthology and commented:

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  3. I am well chuffed that we are in this together – I’ve just read many of the poems in it today and am amazed at the variety, humour and poignancy on display.

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  4. Thanks Polly – put your link out on Twitter too, hope you don’t mind!

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  5. Well done Polly and all! I wish you great success and have posted it on my LinkedIn.


  6. Thanks Polly for this tweet..I wrote a review of the book focusing on certain poems of the book..I will inform you when it is published..Faisal


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