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12 thoughts on “New Blog…

  1. Very kind of you Polly!


  2. I’ve been over and left a comment 😊


  3. It was quite scary, exposed to the world suddenly by choice! But oh my, the rewards I have gained and friends made over the past three years is priceless!


  4. Nice of you to spread the word. 🙂


  5. Thanks, Polly. I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for. Im’ still finding my way, and it’ll take a while to ‘settle down’ into dealing with a new world just opened up to me. In the mean time, I’ll keep posting.


    • Good thinking Peter. Hope you’ve found your ‘Reader’ – second tab in at the top of the page for me, but then, I’m on a mac so it could be different for you if you’re a Windows buff. It’s a great idea to go to some of the ‘Discover’ pages to see what others are up to…at least, I found that useful. Good luck 🙂


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