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Nanna And Grandpa’s Day


Elves spend their days shifting gifts,
while children make Christmas lists,
mums and dads send the lists to Santa,
which really means, to Nanna and Grandpa!
At the shops we share a look,
what’s ‘Leap TV?’ what’s ‘Goldie Blox’?
‘Oh, the kids today,’ we fondly say,
and digging deep we pay…and pay…

Even savvy parents’ reach for instructions,
as Furby interacts with all the platforms,
a ‘KidiZoom Smart Watch’ is a must
while ‘Xeno Ultra’ is…monst(er)rous!
Bewilderment at essential presents
bought to ensure their Christmas enjoyment.

‘Ice Skating Elsa and Anna’
a chopper ‘with Gyroscopic Control’
alongside ‘Fall Apart Olaf’
‘Twist Plus Camera,’ and ‘Multi Sport Goal’.
‘My Friend Cayla’ will chat away, if you ‘download app,
connect via Bluetooth, and play.’

We sigh, things were simpler in days gone by
–we had a good time, didn’t have to try–
a music box, a globe and  books, many books,
these were the things that for us it took:
a record player, 45s, 78s,
a rare chance to stay up a bit late,
tasty toffees, sugar mice,
foil-wrapped money and other things nice,
a roaring fire and a laden tree,
Christmases past for you and for me…

Back to today’s toys…
the elves don’t delay,
they get toys stacked on Santa’s sleigh
then reindeers carry them away
to flush-faced sleepless girls and boys
who’ve left carrots and water,
sherry, mince pies.

Which really means…
Nanna wraps and Grandpa writes
right through the day and into the night
we furtively deliver things of delight
–on Christmas day we look a fright–
too much sherry, too many mince pies,
but the kids will have the time of their lives
and just for a change, we’re organised,
we’ve got batteries and connectors for all of the toys!

Polly Stretton © 2014


9 thoughts on “Nanna And Grandpa’s Day

  1. Bonne fête et bonne santé mon amie!


  2. Gosh, it’s another world – one that passes me by to a great extent, and one I’m not sure how far I want to enter into. Can I survive without knowing about these things that for me, mysteries that googling would reveal, but only then. I do have extra batteries – but mainly for my clocks which have but a single function – to show time passing, without the need for the ‘essential extras’ of modern life!


    • heh-heh…know what you mean, Peter, I had to do that which you prefer not to and google all those modern toys–but the majority of the fine folk this poem was written for identified that world utterly–job done! 😀


  3. This would be just way beyond me, Polly! I suppose it does work that way today but won’t be possible for me to comply! Very clever poem, with great tone and rhyme. Thanks. K.


  4. heh-heh, glad you liked it k. Most of my grandchildren like cash these days—I think some of today’s toys are extraordinary! 😉


  5. Ai remember those simple days to Polly.


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