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January’s Moon Face


The moon is in Taurus
today, a First Quarter,
a young lunar growing
it never falters;
tomorrow waxing gibbous
it moves to Gemini,
slight sliver of shining disk
sultry in night skies.
Oxygen, silicon,
other traces…
we speculate
– it illuminates –
phases pass faces.

Polly Stretton © 2015

With acknowledgement to www.sanhujinka.org

With acknowledgement to http://www.sanhujinka.org


20 thoughts on “January’s Moon Face

  1. Thanks for all the info, moon👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “as phases pass faces”—Love how this one flows off the tongue.


  3. Waxing poetic… Lovely Polly!


  4. I love your moon poems Polly! I learn a lot too! 😊


  5. Polly, “phases pass faces” plus the alliteration, a real winner. Love moongazing, always have. There is no obsession that doesn’t lead to art, so I’m all for obsessing… except when it leads to insomnia, like my post today. thanks for visiting and commenting, sorry I have not been productive of late, but this is a helluva a winter, yikes! Love your post. Amy


  6. Loving it. Really good.


  7. Have you heard of the hare in the moon. In many countries they celebrate a hare and not a man in the moon 🙂


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