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I see you in the sky blossoms:
lapis lazuli, cloudy pearls;
in laburnum chains,
lime links and leafy swirls.
And the sunshine’s silvery golden show.

Think of days like today
when the sun shines as if it’s July.
I remember you, my friend,
and the times we mis-spent

Polly Stretton © 2015

My friend lost her fight with cancer last Friday – posting this in memory of the most generous, kind and wise woman who has left us too soon.


41 thoughts on “Valediction

  1. my condolences to your friend.

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  2. So sorry to hear that. A lovely way to remember her.


  3. So sorry for your loss, beautiful tribute..!


  4. That’s beautiful, Polly. I can see her.


  5. So sad, but beautiful, Polly – just as she was


  6. A wonderful tribute from a wonderful person xx


  7. This is such a beautiful poetic tribute to your friend Polly and I am so sorry she lost her fight, and you in turn lost a good friend. I am always drawn up short by news such as this; it redresses some balance when I am finding life difficult, and pulls me back into the moment. xx


  8. So sorry to hear about your friend. Your poem is a lovely tribute to her.


  9. Beautiful, sad–the shining of a July sun when it is not july brings up the sense of the untimely. k.


  10. Beautiful. It is so visual and heart melting. I love it. What a perfect tribute xxx


  11. Thank you, Polly – you speak for us all with such beauty


  12. Thank you Polly, wonderful imagery and a perfectly apt tribute


  13. actually Polly comment at 16.48 was me (Di) don’t know why it didn’t pick up my details!


  14. Polly This is beautiful, so lovely. I do know how you are feeling and I feel for you. It is so difficult to accept that no matter how hard one tries to help with sending healing and asking for help for someone the universe always wins in whatever it thinks is right. If I can help you in any way please do let me know. Thinking of you, With love Brenda. xx Sent from my iPad



  15. My condolences, and may you have a peace-filled moment within your memories…
    such a beautiful tribute to your friend…
    Take care…You matter….


  16. Hey polly, I see your butterfly and feel hopeful– snow here today! But there has to be a change soon. K.


  17. Polly this is such a lovely and loving tribute. She must have been a remarkable woman. No doubt she knew just how special she was to you.
    I’ve seen people release balloons at a memorial or other event, but you have released something so much more enduring and environmentally positive! Love it!


  18. A profound and life affirming trubute. In the end, we are remembered for the love we gave and received…May that sustain us as we move forward in our timeline. The connections that we make gives vibrancy to our existance. My thoughts are with you….


  19. Very touching… really poignant!… All my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐


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